Wedding Coordination

Refuse to pay ridiculous prices!  


Do You Need A Wedd​ing Coordinator?

Of course, someone cannot simply show up at your wedding and start blindly coordinating.  There are many things to know, acquire and plan before arriving, so our work actually begins long before the wedding.

Please note that "coordination" does not equate "planning."  Coordination is designed to manage the event that a couple has already planned.  I am happy to offer suggestions and answer questions about vendors at no additional charges!

The Bonus Bridesmaid

For the brides on a super-tight budget - For coordination that involves NO rehearsal, NO prior site visit, and NO prior face-to-face meetings- This package is for the bride who just wants peace of mind on her wedding day that everything will go smoothly and someone other than the bride/groom/family can handle things. I will contact and confirm your vendors, manage their setup, oversee the ceremony lineup, create and manage a timeline of the day, and basically do whatever is needed throughout the day/night to make sure your wedding is stress-free. Your caterer isn't cleaning the trash off the guest tables? No problem, I'll grab a trash can and get to it. You purchased your own alcohol and now you're out of vodka? I'll run to the nearest store and get more. This package starts at 6 hours for $700. 

The Whole Shabang 

For brides wanting a little more peace of mind. Coordination begins about 4 weeks before your wedding.  First we'll have a meeting to discuss details, visit the venue to make sure we have the proper layout, and then create a timeline together that works for you.  I will call to confirm vendors (arrival and departure time and who is in charge of what), manage vendor set-up, set-up all decor including your personal items, take everything down and package it up at the end of the night, keeping everything on a smooth, stress-free timeline. I do all the "things" on the Wedding Day ~ Basically...wedding day execution from start to finish. You won't have to worry about who is setting up the backdrop, wondering if your DJ knows his cues, did your florist bring the flowers for your cake, where are the groomsman that went missing 2 minutes before the processional is about to start...or better yet... who is going to get you that cocktail when you're ready to start partying!!! Girl, I GOT YOU! . I'll distribute the timeline to all vendors so we're all on the same page, attend and manage your rehearsal and wedding day. Investment is $1500.  

*If you have only a few select needs/wants for your special day, I can absolutely customize a different package/price for you - let's chat!